WSC Kratom Pills Sampler Pack

Whether you are new to Kratom or want to try the different lab tested and high quality Kratom strains WSC offers, our new WSC Kratom Sampler Pack is perfect for you. Each Sampler Pack comes with 5 of our most popular Kratom strains including:

White SupermanOne of the most recognized Kratom strains for stimulation since its introduction. Users feel calm, energized, and productive for long periods of time.

Green Maeng DaProbably the most recognized and highly sought-after Kratom strain due to the variety of effects it has to offer-- solution to social anxiety, mild euphoria, stimulation, and ease of depression/anxiety.

EuphoriaBy far the most sedative euphoria we have to offer. This Red-vein’s name speaks volumes for its soothing, relaxing effects.

Gold BaliThis is a great strain to relieve chronic pain, create a euphoric feeling, suppress anxiety and boost appetite levels. One of the best Kratom strains for relaxation.

Red Bali - Similar to the Gold Bali in its ability to provide users with relief from chronic pain, while also possessing intense, relaxing properties. 

Each individual sample pack contains 6 pills for 30 total pills included in our Kratom Sampler Pack. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Claims or described effect is based on our customers experience. Results may vary.



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