How to travel safely with Kratom.

Though Kratom is legal in the United States, there are a few states where Kratom is currently illegal to transport Kratom to and from that state or be in possession of Kratom while in that state. Those states are currently Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin.

For all your other travel, you’ll want to know ahead of time what policies TSA has in place for your next trip.

1. Determine if Kratom is legal to possess or transport in your layover stop or final destination.

Kratom laws are always changing, so make sure you’re checking Kratom legality beforehand. We have provided the current U.S. states that have laws against Kratom and you can do a quick Google search to see what countries have regulations for or against Kratom.

2. Bringing Kratom through airport security

Because Kratom is still relatively unknown throughout the U.S. and the world, Kratom might be mistaken for other banned substances so it’s always best to keep Kratom in your checked baggage in its original, sealed packaging (if possible).

3. Get a Doctor’s note

If you have been prescribed Kratom or absolutely need to use it while in transit on an especially long flight, it’s best to have a doctor’s note outlining your ailments and prescription for Kratom. This will help with any questions TSA or other airport authorities might have if they find Kratom in your carry-on possessions.

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