Over the last few weeks, we’ve published blog posts on Best Kratom Strains for Anxiety Best Kratom Strains for Energy & Mental Focus, and Best Kratom Strains for Pain Relief. Today, we’ll focus on some of the Kratom products our customers purchase to help with sleep, insomnia and relaxation.


Various strains all have different pain relief properties. Red-vein Kratom Strains tend to be more sedative so are generally used during the evening, whereas Gold-vein Kratom Strains are better for morning or daytime use. Due to their sedative properties, there are a variety of Red-vein Kratom Strains that help people wind down at night, battle insomnia and used for general relaxation. While most people have taken powder and capsules for sleep and relaxation, there are also new Kratom Chewable Extracts that have a higher percentage of Mitragyna that will also help with daytime anxiety and stress or evening pain and sleep.

The following are the 7 most popular Kratom strains our customers use for sleep and relaxation.


WSC Bentuangie Kratom for Sleep & Relaxation

Bentuangie is one of our customers’ favorite Kratom strains to battle insomnia. This strain will also provide euphoric effects to help with relaxation at night.

View more details for Bentuangie Powder and Pills.


WSC Red Elephant Kratom for Sleep & Relaxation

Red Elephant is one of our most highly recommended sleep aids. Our customers use this strain for a sedative euphoric experience that have helped them battle sleepless nights and insomnia. Some of our customers even say that this strain helps them get into sleep mode like they were ‘hit by an Elephant.”

View more details for Red Elephant Powder and Pills.


WSC Red Dragon Kratom for Sleep & Relaxation

Red Dragon Kratom is used by WSC customers that often cannot sleep because of pain or chronic pain. This strain helps ease pain while providing a sedative effect to help you sleep.

View more details for Red Dragon Powder and Pills.


WSC Red Indo Kratom For Sleep & Relaxation


Red Indo is used primarily by our customers that are experiencing anxiety and stress. This strain helps reduce anxiety so you can relax and enjoy your evening.

View more details for Red Indo Powder and Pills.


WSC Red Superman Kratom for Sleep & Relaxation

Red Superman is one of the most popular and powerful Red-vein strains that act similar to a sedative. Our customers use Red Superman to reduce chronic pain and combat restlessness.

View more details for Red Superman Powder and Pills.


WSC Euphoria Kratom for Sleep & Relaxation

One of WSC’s most popular Kratom strains that is the most sedative euphoria we offer. Euphoria has strong soothing, relaxing effects and one of our customer’s calls Euphoria “mediation in a bag’. Euphoria is also part of our Kratom Sampler Pack as one of the 6 most popular strains we recommend to try.

View more details for Euphoria Powder and Pills.


Note: Relatively new, Kratom Chewable Extract Tablets have a much higher percentage of Mitragyna so are much stronger in helping with sleep and relaxation.



WSC Red REV80 Chewable Kratom Extract Tablets

We’ve taken the basic 80% Mitragyna chewable tablets and added Blue Lotus extract to give the user a SEDATIVE effect. This Egyptian flower also has a very potent aphrodisiac effect. Most often used during the evening.

View more details for Red REV80 Chewable Kratom Extract Tablets.

As a reminder, Kratom strains will affect people differently. Some people will get energy from Red veined strains while most will feel its more sedative effects. It’s important to try various strains to see what works best for you. 

We also have a Find My Kratom area on our site where you can select when you want to use Kratom and what effects you are looking for. Our interactive tool will then make suggestions – many of which are listed above. We hope you also try the Find My Kratom interactive tool on our site to discover the best WSC Kratom product for you.

We also wanted to thank you again for being a WSC Kratom customer and if there are any Kratom related questions we can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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