A few weeks ago, we published a blog post on Best Kratom Strains for Anxiety. Due to all the positive feedback we received on that post, we were also asked if we could write about the best kratom strains for energy, chronic pain, and other issues people use Kratom for. For today, we’ll focus on some of the Kratom products our customers purchase to help boost energy and mental focus during the day.


In general, green veined Kratom strains and white veined Kratom strains typically will provide higher levels of stimulus and energy. There are varying levels of effects different Kratom products will provide, so we’ll try to list the most popular Kratom strains our customers purchase. If you’re new to Kratom and looking to try a Kratom strain for energy, we would always advise to try a green strain first before a white strain. As you’ll see from list below, white strains can be very stimulating so those with anxiety issues should generally try lowest dosage amounts first.

The following are the 7 most popular Kratom strains our customers use for energy and mental focus.


WSC Kratom Green Maeng Da - Best Kratom For Energy

Probably the most popular and recognized Kratom product. This green veined Kratom strain is very popular with our customers who use it for daytime energy and mental focus. We also have customers use this strain before a workout. There are other green veined strains that are stronger, but this specific strain seems to strike the perfect balance of energy and mental focus with the majority of our customers.

View more details for Green Maeng Da Powder, Pills and Chewable Extracts.


WSC Kratom White Superman - Best Kratom For Energy

One of the more popular White veined strains, White Superman has a very high stimulating and energetic effect. Most of our customers will use White Superman during the day or in the evening if they need to stay up late to work or study. Do not take White Superman if you plan to sleep 4-6 hours from taking a dose because chances are you will still be wide awake. 

View more details for White Superman Powder and Pills.


WSC Kratom White JongKong - Best Kratom For Energy

Often referred to as ‘instant coffee’, this is one of the highest energetic white strains. Very popular with our customers who use this strain for fatigue.

View more details for White JongKong Powder and Pills.


WSC Kratom Green Superman - Best Kratom For Energy

Similar to White Superman but less stimulating, Green Superman is often used as a ‘step up’ from Green Maeng Da. A house favorite, our regular customers use it solely for its incredible stimulating and sooth properties.

View more details for Green Superman Powder and Pills.


WSC Kratom Green Dragon - Best Kratom For Energy

Not suggested for beginners, this is a very popular Green strain…and very potent. Helps provide mental focus combined with higher energy levels than Green Maeng Da. Also a great Green strain to help with aches and pains while getting an energetic boost.

View more details for Green Dragon Powder and Pills.


WSC Kratom Uplift - Best Kratom For Energy

This is a house blend of both Green vein and White vein Kratom. Designed to ‘lift you up’ and give you a positive mindset for the day. One of the most popular WSC house blends with our customers.

View more details for Uplift Powder and Pills.


WSC Kratom Super Indo - Best Kratom For Energy

Used as a ‘pre-workout’ by our customers, this Red vein and White vein powerhouse will provide intense levels of focused energy and euphoria. Not suggested for new users of Kratom.

View more details for Super Indo Powder and Pills.

As a reminder, Kratom strains will affect people differently. Some people will get energy from Red veined strains while most will feel its more sedative effects. It’s important to try various strains to see what works best for you. 

We also have a Find My Kratom area on our site where you can select when you want to use Kratom and what effects you are looking for. Our interactive tool will then make suggestions – many of which are listed above. We hope you also try the Find My Kratom interactive tool on our site to discover the best WSC Kratom product for you.

We also wanted to thank you again for being a WSC Kratom customer and if there are any Kratom related questions we can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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